Minister allows Food Supplements to be subject to a 23% VAT “stealth” tax
DO NOT TAX Our efforts to stay healthy
DO NOT TAX Our efforts to stay healthy

Food supplements in Ireland have been exempt of VAT

Until Now

Health food supplements are foodstuffs with beneficial effects on health, but the Revenue Commissioners have decided that this special concession should not be applied to food supplements any more.

They therefore proposed to the Minister of Finance, Paschal Donohoe, that VAT be introduced for food supplements in the 2019 Budget and had deferred to the Minister for his opinion as to what that rate should be.

Minister Donohoe chose not to engage with Revenue and provide guidance thereby paving the way for the introduction of VAT in January 2019. He has the power to issue a 0% VAT ruling if he wishes to or is made to do so by public opinion.

These products have brought comfort to our whole family


“I am the mother of a special needs son who has been sick since he was four years old.  I cannot say enough about how much he has improved since taking Super 8 Gold, Udos Choice Oil and One Nutrition D3-Max.  These supplements have given my son a completely new lease of life.  The improvement is massive, really tremendous.  It has been years since I have had the comfort of knowing he can go out without needing a change of clothes in case of accidents.  The Super 8 Gold has made it possible for him to go out on day trips without having to worry about this.  He recently went to the cinema with his new carer with no problems, without Super 8 Gold this would not have been possible.  These products have brought comfort to our whole family.  I do not work and struggle to afford these products, it would be a disaster for my son if these products were to be increased in price due to Vat being applied at 23% as I would most certainly not be able to afford them.”

Stephanie, Co. Mayo

This will cancel my pension increase


“I am in my 70’s but I want to stay in good health for as long as possible. I do have osteoporosis which means I have to stay active and keep my joints moving. I have been taking Udo’s Oil for around 6 years now. I also take Udo’s Microbiotics and other supplements to boost my immune system. Having to pay VAT on food supplements would cost me around €250 extra annually – or to put it another way €5 weekly which would cancel out the increase to the old age pension in this year’s budget!”

Kathleen, Wicklow

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